Automatically send an invoice once it's created

Hi I’d like to send invoices for two automation setups I have using

There is even a template on for doing this but it doesn’t seem to work.
(Can’t add the link because I’m a new user it says)

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix either the template from make or use another way?



Are you seeing a specific error?

Also, which version of the app are you using?

Hi Hillel,

This is the error I’m getting in Make

No Idea about the version, where do I check this?

Have you supplied a value for the URL?

If you’re using v5 the URL is

I used the mapped value straight from the template

Sorry, I’m not sure. I suggest reaching out to Make directly for advice.

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 16.41.50
Just checked the webhook log and the file itself is just not available it seems. The link to the portal is there but no files. So I think it has something to do with how the PDF is attached to the record. I’ll see what Make has to say about it

Can you explain what you’re trying to accomplish?

The documents array would include files attached to the record, it’s separate from the invoice PDF.

I’d like to be able to attach the generated invoice to a mail and send it out to the client automatically.

At this point I found out how to add the link to the invoice in the portal but I’d like to just add the generated invoice as a PDF in the attachments.

Thanks, understood. You’ll need to check with Make for advice on how to do this. In Zapier there is a “Download PDF” option.

I just received a reply from The PDF is just not showing up with the other data. Any Idea on how to get it to show up and be downloadable?

I think you may be confusing the documents array (which will be empty) and the invoice PDF.

That’s possible however I’ve been looking for the PDF in all the other fields and it’s just not anywhere to be found. Maybe I can try to use a custom API call Any idea what Key Value pair I should be looking for to get the PDF?

That should be possible, I suggest using the browser console in the web app to see a sample API request.

We found the fix after much trial and error by using the following settings

We now are able to get the PDF file and add it to a mail directly without using the portal.

Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing the solution!

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