Automatic Update Script Changes

Due to some users having issues with their installs after the auto update script is run from a cron job, I’ve made some slight changes. There were some issues where people had other scheduled tasks running after the update cron ran, but before they accessed the application again.

I’ve added app_url="<http(s)://YourInvoiceNinja.url>" to the variables in the main update section (line 62). Simply change this to the URL of your particular Invoice Ninja installation (omit the <>). That will then cause wget to be called one more time at the end of the script with wget -q --spider “$app_url/update” to make sure the migration commands are run.

I just tested this on my own install, and it seems to function properly. But if you have any issues, be sure to let me know. Even though it’s just automating the download/copy/open login page process, the usual “at your own risk” caveats apply.

Uptate script is still located HERE.

Thanks again for your help, it’s very much appreciated!

Tested and all working perfectly now. Many thanks Titanfail - I’ll also update my CRON job to output to a logfile too - many thanks for the info!