Automatic payment setup

in the client portal i only see credit card option

  1. would like to be able to have ACH as well ?
  2. testing Credit card setup and am getting a error
    This payment method cannot be preauthorized.
  3. it looks like credit cards don’t work or i didnt set it up correctly

any guidance would be appreciated


Which payment gateway are you using?

ACH is only supported with certain gateways, if supported it can be enabled in the gateway settings on Settings > Online Payments.

Stripe and Paypal express . i have both setup but have not tested them other then setting them up in IN

also was gonna try gocardless but they dont show you as a partner ?

Ok, ACH is supported with Stripe if enabled in the settings

ok so i deleted stripe and installed gocardless but it wont accept CC at the moment every time i enter a card # it saying invalid card number

am i doing something wrong ?

I don’t believe GoCardless accepts credit card payments

i am so confused .

so gocardless is only for ACH ?
so i should use stripe for CC , Paypal for paypal usage and gocardless for ACH ?

You can, or you can use just Stripe and PayPal

ok setting up stripe found i need to setup bank transfers too . ugh lol thanks for the help

do have some questions thought .

reading some of the posts on ACH . if we send out the invoice on the 20th and we state the due date is the 1st will it process on the 20th ? or the 1st ?


There are two options in Settings > Online Payments.

On Send Date - autobills when the recurring invoice is generated
On Due Date - autobills when the invoice due date is set.