Automate payment email

I noticed that when I manually mark an invoice as paid, it does not automatically send an email to the contact. Is there a way to enable this so my customers will automatically receive a receipt when I mark as paid?

I’d prefer not to have to remember to send payment email each time if possible.



Can you please check if the manual payment option enabled on Settings > Company Details > Defaults?

I have this option checked. I’ve tested with two different emails and there’s no payment received email (it’s not hiding out in spam either).

@david can you please advise? I think we may have changed this in the past.

Previously marked as paid did sent an email to the client. This has changed.

Mark paid does not send an email, however if you “Enter a Payment” for an invoice, it will send an email to the client

david - I’ve noticed that behavior. I agree with cazagomis and would prefer a toggle switch to send an acknowledgement email to the customer when marking an invoice as paid. It’s a lot quicker than using ‘enter payment’.