Autofill exchange rate

Is any way to autofill the exchange rate field in invoices? I added the OPENEXCHANGE_APP_ID=key in my .env but nothing changed. I had to enter the exhange rate manually


Can you check if convert products is enabled on Settings > Product Settings

Also, please check if the rates are set in the database in the currencies table

The convert products option is enable but checking the currencies table the rate is just 1, so it was no updated with the OpenExchange

Are the crons enabled?

@david any thoughts to debug the exchange rates?

Yes, I can see the job configured in my shared hosting but I can see the Red icon (warning/error) is inside the app

If you see an error in the app it means the crons aren’t configured correctly

The info here may help

These are the jobs that I configured in my hosting.

The crons are not executing if your exchange rates are all 1.

Once the crons are configured correctly on your platform it will work as expected.

Your cron configuration does look ok, but there may be some variations required to get it working with your particular host.

Also note, that the cron for the exchange rates only runs once per day, so even when the crons start working, it could be 24 hours before the exchange rates update for the first time.

Thanks @david so i will wait for tomorrow. What happen if I changed manually the value in the DB? Should this works to use it as exchance rate?


Yes, if you change the value in the DB, then this will be used.