Autocomplete country field


Could you add autocomplete=“off” to the country field of customers and suppliers?
It’s hard to select a country from the Invoice Ninja List if Chrome popups all kind of suggestions above it?

I also see a text above the postal code “City will be filled in automatically”, but it’s not, how can I populate this DB for my country? I’m talking about self-host btw.

Is it an idea to add a default category to a supplier? That way that expense categorie is auto selected when adding an expensive from that supplier?


I do have the Google API key set as I can see the Google Maps on customers, but no auto complete?

Not sure… is your country set on Settings > Company Details?

Yes it is, it seems to work for addresses in Germany, but not in Belgium or The Netherlands.

If the company country is set to Germany you’d need to set the client country before looking up the postal code.

It’s set to Belgium. I tried filling in the country first, but it’ still not completing Belgium addresses.
For example 9000 would need to give Gent/Ghent in Belgium.

I think this feature needs to be improved. We map the results from Google to address fields but it looks like the format of the data is different for different countries. We’ll try to improve this when migrating the feature to v2.