Auto Currency Conversion for Tasks and Projects?


Just started out with InvoiceNinja and loving it so far - thinking of moving across fully from Zoho. One question is about auto conversion of currencies. I am UK based, but have a US based client. I have agreed an hourly rate with them in GBP - so the rate fluctuates in USD depending on exchange rate.

i.e. Month 1 : GBP £10 = $13
Month 2 : GBP £10 = $12.5
Month 4 : GBP £10 = $13.2 etc etc

Is there a way I can set my hourly rate as £Xp/h but when it comes to invoicing, it applies the current exchange rate without changing existing invoices) to convert to USD - so that the outgoing invoice is in USD - rather than having to look up the current exchange rate? It’s one of the thing I really like about Zoho Invoice.



Thanks, that’s great to hear!

I think it should be possible. You’d want to create products which track your rates and then enable “Convert Products” on Settings > Product Settings.

If you invoice your tasks and then select your product/rates they should be converted using the current exchange rate. The rate should also be set on the settings tab of the invoice edit page.

If you have any trouble with this let us know.