Auto Billing Questions

Here is my current setup:
Global Settings → Payment Settings → Auto Bill Standard is “Off”
Global Settings → Group Settings

  • Group called “auto charge”
  • Settings → Payment Settings
    • Auto Bill Standard Enabled
    • Auto Bill on “Send Date”
      I have added two customers to this group, one with a store ACH and one with a store CC

Both of these customers had existing “Sent” and/or “Past Due” invoices. I did check the invoices to make sure auto-bill was enabled on the actual invoices


  • Because these invoices were pre-existing will they still auto bill?
  • Was my setup correct for creating the auto bill group, and is that all that is needed going forward is to add a customer to that group?
  • I setup the crontab based on the install directions (all *, so runs every minute). So should the billing kick off immediately when a new invoice is marked as sent? Or does this happen on a scheduled basis?
  • I checked /storage/logs/laravel.log and it looks like any reference to “Auto Bill” happens at 6:20am local time. So maybe auto billing triggers once daily? Is there a way to set this time?


  • No, these settings would only affect future invoices.
  • I’ve tested this. In the Flutter app it will work if you create the invoice from the client’s page, it won’t work if you select the client on the edit invoice screen or if you use the React app (cc @david). In those cases you would need to manually enable the auto-bill option on the edit invoice screen.
  • It’s based on the invoice’s due date.
  • You can try adjusting the send time on Settings > Email Settings.

The backend will set the auto bill flag regardless of the UI implementation.

I’ve tested on react and setting autobill on the client and then creating an invoice does toggle the auto bill flag on the invoice

@david I believe in this case the user is enabling the auto-bill setting on the client’s group, rather than directly on the client.


I tested that also, and it works as expected.

I went in and marked two of the previous invoices as auto bill and they did in fact trigger early this morning! Thanks for your help on this. One final question on the order of precedence for settings. I assume it’s Global > Group > Client with Group settings overriding global and client overriding both group and global?

Yes, that is correct

The same customer that had two prior invoices that auto-billed two nights back had another invoice that I expected to bill last night and did not. Our global settings are now set to “auto bill standard invoices” and auto bill on “send date”. The customer does not have any groups assigned and does not have any override settings. The invoice in question was created on 6/2 and due 6/9, is marked as sent, and I verified the auto bill flag was set. As this customer worked two nights ago I know their stored payment method works.

Two questions - (1) Does the “Payment Type” need to also be set, or is this just used when muttiple saved payment types exist? (2) I checked the laravel logs but they are pretty spartan. Is there as way to get the auto payment logging to be more verbose without setting APP_DEBUG to true (this is a production system).


The payment type default only applies to manual payments.

@david do you have any suggestions?

I would enabled EXPANDED_LOGGING=true in your .env file

There will be lots of detail in the logs. storage/logs/invoiceninja.log