Auto bill options are confusing

Client asked to save their card, which I helped them do through their client portal. They also want their recurring invoice automatically paid.

The documentation on this seems very light and doesn’t explicitly say how to set a recurring invoice to auto pay. It needs to spell out explicitily what auto bill means, to me it means automatically sending a bill. Not auto pay. It also doesn’t lay out any steps to either enable and let clients decide, force, or completely disable it. You should look into updating this part of the docs. V4 was much more intuitive.

  1. If I set the recurring invoice to auto bill Enabled, and they have a card on file, will it automatically process their payment through the payment gateway?

  2. Going forward, how can I let clients do this themselves? I have others that want to be auto billed.

  3. We charge a gateway fee for Credit card and ACH (we charge half of the fee we’re charged), if they sign up for auto bill is there a way to have the software NOT charge the gateway fee besides a static discount on the recurring invoice?


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Yes, that’s correct.
  2. If auto bill is set to enabled the recurring invoice will always auto-blll, if you choose one of the ‘by default’ options your client will have the choice.
  3. Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Ok. Another question.

Is there a notification sent when someone chooses auto bill, such as an email to me letting me know they chose it?

No, there isn’t currently a notification for it