Auto-Bill info

Great product! I’m about a month into the switch. I have auto-bill (on all recurring) and token with stripe set to opt-out. I’ve viewed a recurring invoice as the client and I don’t see where the client is allowed to opt-out of the auto-billing when paying their first invoice. I just don’t want my clients to be surprised. Should I also automatically send them a user and password so that they can see the auto-billing management in their invoice list? Is that the only place they can opt-out?

In my testing I’m seeing “[checkbox] Save card details. The data is stored securely by” at the bottom of the payment page.

Note, there are two similar settings:

  • Token Billing on /settings/online_payments determines whether or not the ‘Save card details’ checkbox is shown on the payment page.
  • Auto Bill on /recurring_invoices/create determines whether or not to automatically charge the card on file when the invoice is sent or due.

As long as your client has an invoice link they can access the client portal to manage their payment settings.

“Do you want your card info saved?” is not the same “Your card will be charged each month.” This can cause confusion to my clients.

If you’re self hosting you can change the texts in resources/lang/en/texts.php.

We’ll consider clarifying the text in a future release.

You may want to add an additional message in the invoice terms.