Auto Bill checkbox issue - Client Portal


I am curious to know if there is anyway to change the auto bill checkbox to have a border or something to actually show that a check box is there for a user to click on. Currently it shows as if the option is just disabled with no option to enable it (see image).



Can you check what auto-bill is set to for the recurring invoice?

If it’s set to ‘Off’ your client won’t have the option to enable it.

The auto-bill is set to disabled by default and I am able to enable the feature by clicking on the white space next to “Auto Bill Disabled” or clicking the text. The issue is just when the check box is not selected there appears to be no check box present.

I can tab around the webpage and it highlights the checkbox but from the standard load page it just appears invisible.

Image of it being selected as well

Thanks, understood.

cc @ben @david


Are you able to adjust this please?

I’ve submitted PR that fixes this. Thanks for reporting :+1: