Auto bill appears to not do anything

So as far as I can tell, I’ve gone through all the steps to set a recurring invoice to auto-bill. However, it doesn’t seem to happen. There are never any new invoices appearing on the dates that the auto-bill should happen.

I clone the recurring invoice to “invoices”, enable recurring, and then set all the options and save the invoice.

Is this a bug with v4? Or am I missing something?


Does the client have a card on file?

You may want to consider upgrading to v5, we’ve greatly improved this area of the app.

I don’t want to automatically take a payment, I just want to auto-invoice.

Also, I haven’t upgraded to v5 yet as my Linux distribution doesn’t support PHP8 natively. When that happens, I will upgrade.

Maybe you need to start the recurring invoice?

I have clicked the button to start the recurring invoice.

Oh well, if it’s just not going to work, I’ll put up with it until I can upgrade.

OK so I figured this out a few weeks ago now: I’d somehow totally missed the step of setting up the cron settings as shown on this page in the docs: Configure — Invoice Ninja 4.5.50 documentation
Once I set that up, everything works like a dream.