Authorization signature


When I enable the Invoice Signature under Settings -> Client Portal the client doesn’t seem to be able to see where they can sign the invoice. I clicked the View as recipient link within the invoice to see if I could see it on my end, but I couldn’t see it either. Is there a variable I need to place within the Invoice Design customization to fully activate this feature?


The signature form is shown when the user clicks ‘Pay Now’. If you aren’t accepting payments online you can add a custom payment gateway with a text message in order to have the ‘Pay Now’ button shown.

Ok. That helped. The pay now button is now showing up with the signature pop up once a user has clicked on the pay now button. Do you happen to know if there is a way to only accept just the signature as right now I am not accepting payments online? Also, do you know where that signature is stored after a user has signed it? I’m using the self hosted version of Invoice Ninja.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘only accept the signature’, using a custom gateway your client doesn’t need to pay.

Once signed you can hover the person icon next to the ‘View as recipient’ link to see it.