Aulto Bill Standard Invoices

I just turned on the Auto Bill Standard Invoices and chose Auto Bill on Send Date.

Does Send Date and Invoice Date the same? If not, how can I modify the Send Date?


The invoice date is the date the invoice is created, the send date is when the invoices is emailed or marked as sent.

Does that answer your question?

What if I want to send a bill every 1st day of the month, should I indicate 1-1-2024, and then when the auto bill is turned on, it sends the bill next 2-1-2024 automatically? This is for standard invoice, I’m still working and learning about the recurring invoice feature.

Not sure I follow, are you creating a recurring invoice or a standard invoice?

If you want it to be sent monthly you’d want to create a recurring invoice.

I want to, but when I am doing a sample recurring invoice, it doesn’t reflect the customization I did in the standard invoice.

The terms, footer, the custom fields doesn’t reflect on the recurring invoice.

I suggest updating the default terms/footer on Settings > Company Details. The fields will be set when the recurring invoice runs and generates each invoice.