Attachments are not available for Payments

Hello team!

I’m self-hosting v5.7.28 (I know i’m a few versions behind but bare with me :pray: ), and today I noticed that, unless I misconfigured something, its not possible to attach files to Payments.

All the other document types (Invoices, Quotes, Tasks, Expenses, even Credits) do support the document attaching feature. The reasoning for this is simple: if I get a payment voucher or a copy of a payment check, i’d like to attach it to the payment itself, not the invoice (also, a payment can cover two invoices, so I’d have to attach the voucher to both).

Please let me know if I’m missing something or if there’s an actual reasoning for payments to be left behind on this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


It isn’t supported, feel free to create an issue to request it.

Thanks @hillel! I went ahead and opened an issue for it:

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Just to note, it looks like this is supported in the React web app. There’s an option to change to it at the top of the dashboard in the Flutter web app.

Thanks, it is available indeed. I also noted that if the file is attached in React, is not available in Flutter (not even in the “documents” content type). I guess we’ll have to switch between modes to attach files to payments until the React app is the official approach.

If is not much to ask, would be great to have source where we can keep updated on the progress of the React App and what features are available on which platform. Is there any sticky information anywhere?

Thanks again for your prompt response. :slight_smile:

Both apps should have the same features but there may be oversights which are corrected over time.

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