Attach expense documents to invoice not working

Hey there
I’m using v5.4.9-W86.

I added PDFs to my expenses and checked this option:

I then added the expense to an existing invoice and sent it.

But I can’t find the documents in the admin portal under “invoices”:

Nor under “documents”:

Do I have to activate attachments somewhere else?

Thanks and all the best


@david do you have any suggestions?

Hey @david, did you have time to check that? Thanks!


I’ve had a look into this. I’m not sure we’ll be able to support showing the expense documents within the documents tab in the client portal, however i believe we can support showing the expense documents on the invoice view itself within the client portal.

Hi @david
That would be great too, thanks! That’s what I initially thought: my expense PDFs will be merged with the invoice PDF, but it didn’t work either.
So the “Add Documents to Invoice” option isn’t working currently?


This option also attached the documents to the invoice email which does function correctly, the missing functionality was displaying the documents in the client portal.

oh okay, so it attaches them to the invoice email. That’s good to know! Thanks.