Assign "product" or tax rate to tasks

I hope I’m not missing something obvious but I was wondering if there is a way a task sent to an invoice gets a “Product” assigned automatically when the invoice is created to edit (ie. not a recurring inv)
Example… I have a product called “Labour” which has a tax rate of 13%. I have to click the drop list and assign “Labour” to each task line item that appears on the invoice. Is there a setting I’m missing that allows each task that is sent to invoice to be pre-popluated as a product? In this case, my “Labour” product resulting in the tax as well as the “product” being populated on the invoice. Sometimes I have dozens of lines of tasks added to a single invoice and it’s a bit annoying to click a product for each one (and embarrassing if I miss one).

Am I just missing a setting somewhere?



I don’t think this is currently supported.

One option may be to add support for setting a product directly on the task as well setting a default product in the task settings?

Either one of those would very welcome options. Thanks again for your prompt reply!

Ok, thanks. We’ll keep this in mind for the future.