Assets not loading with proxied app

Hi again! I was able to get INinja setup on an internal nginx host, but wanted to have it proxied via another SSL site we use as an app gateway (running on Apache2). So for instance the URL we give to users is that then routes to After a few fits & starts, I was able to find the right combination of parameters on both sides that allows the page to come back, but the asset files were getting rewritten without the /ninja that the proxy should have been handling.

After not seeing any similar issues+resolutions on here, I searched for that kind of thing with Laravel, and found this post: When I added a forceRootUrl line to my routes/web.php, everything loads as expected!

So this fixes my immediate issue, but obviously that’s making a change to core code. Is there an existing upgrade-safe way to achieve this same thing? I found this laravel package that looks like it does what I’m after, but since that also requires code changes, I’d rather get your opinion:

Thanks so much!

Maybe this will help…