Approval workflow broken? If signature skipped - stuck at PO Number

Approval workflow is broken

I’m trying to figure out how to make this work, sitting in my “average client” hat, I have no clue :slight_smile:

Anybody run into this?

The signature window isn’t a clear call to action and can be skipped for some reason with the close button.

  • How to make it unskipable? I’m assuming this is the reason you can’t progress through the approval process?

  • Also how to retry the signature?

  • If it is signed - there is no way to enter the PO number, it just skips through it…


Sorry for the trouble!

Do you see any errors in the browser console?

@david may have some suggestions.

Console is clear,

that “close button” in there - result of hitting the close button without actually signing in the window.

So the same thing happens with the checkboxes

If you skip it by hitting (Close) you get stuck at the PO Number…
I’m assuming the workflow is broken for every authorization item in the settings.

The system will block if the close button is triggered on the signature window. This would explain why the PO number does not allow you to go further.

So what do we do about it? There is no path to success for the client…

If the client signs, instead of click cancel, can they proceed normally?

I see you clicking Next Step, however it won’t proceed until a signature is captured.

I’m doing this to illustrate the problem.

If signed yes, it goes through. But if not signed, there is no way to go back or move forward, other than refreshing the page.
I’ve had 2 clients within 5 days complaining about this, it was not clear to them on how to sign and in frustration they clicked “Close”. Rinse and repeat didn’t get them new knowledge on how to sign the document so they just quit the process after being stuck in the same PO Number screen.

Any thoughts on how to get a customer out of the maze?

@david do you have any thoughts?

It sounds like the system is behaving correctly. The system will not proceed if the client refuses the signature step.

What is the expected way for a customer to advance through the workflow of signing and providing PO, when the sign window was closed without signature?
Is it expected for the customer to reload the page and start over? Because there is no other way to move back a step or forward, even if PO number is provided. Like it showed in the screen recording above.
There is no communication about signature fail provided either.

Any update on this? Seems like the issue still exists and confuses the customers…