Apply discount to subtotal, not line items

Hi there,
It used to be the case on our quotes that when a discount was applied, it would only be shown at the bottom of a quote below the subtotal amount. Now the discount appears in each line total amount, and the total discount is not shown below the subtotal amount. This is confusing our customers because it doesn’t allow them to easily see what the line totals are before any discount is applied.

How can we change it so that line item amounts do not include the discount, but the discount applied is shown next to the subtotal amount instead?

We are using Zapier to create the invoices, so it’s possible that something changed either with the Zapier integration, or with the way we now create the invoices. We don’t recall changing anything with the particular Zap, so we suspect something changed with either the Zapier integration, or on the Invoice Ninja site itself.

We can see that this change occurred on either April 1st or April 2nd of this year.



Please check that you’re setting an invoice level discount rather than a line item discount.

If you’d like to send the sample data in/out from the Zapier logs we can review it for you.