Apple Pay with Stripe

According to your website Apple Pay with Stripe is “The easiest way to send and receive money”. (Apple Pay with Stripe! | Invoice Ninja)

I helped a client set up a new hosted account on v5. I also helped them set up Stripe, then enabled CC, ACH and Apple Pay. When we test making an Apple Pay payment through we receive a message that the domain can’t be verified.

I walked through the steps that Stripe calls out to set up an account with an approved URL, downloaded the file that is supposed to be hosted, but now, with no way to upload the file, we’re stuck.

Please explain how I’m supposed to set up Apple Pay through stripe on hosted v5. Thanks!


@david can you please advise?

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This is missing functionality, I am working on creating the endpoints required for this.

Well that’s a bummer.

It’s one of the things I told my client they could do with Invoice Ninja since it was advertised. Does this mean that it’s really close to completion, since it’s on your marketing site?

The API side is complete, we would just need to complete some works on the front end so that the user could upload their merchant_verification file.

AH! OK, that’s great. Can I send you the file and client url so you can drop it into their folder manually?

@david What’s the latest on this?
I see that “Apple Domain Verification” has a field under the Stripe gateway settings but I’m not sure what to put there?

@David Any chance we could manually add this?


Once you create the domain verification file in Stripe, you just need to add the contents of the file into the configuration in Invoice Ninja (Stripe Gateway) There is a textarea to paste the contents.

Once this has been done, apple pay “should work” ™