App Vs website, fewer options

It’s worth noting, that the windows store app has fewer options available than the web interface.

IE: When creating a new user, theres no way to set access permissions in the app.

As a new user myself, and following the notification ! directive to use the app, this was quite a frustration as the new user account I created, after importing clients / transactions from my old system… Could not see any of them, or find the menu to set permissions.


Which web app are you using, Flutter or React?

The Flutter desktop and web apps are built from the same codebase, the app interfaces should be nearly identical.

oh dear, this is embarassing. I have no idea why I couldn’t find the user permissions in the app, I was just typing a reply ( I was certain it wasn’t there) and went and looked for it in the app, and went straight to it. Sorry, I just could not find it. Clearly it was always there, I just couldn’t find it. woops

No worries, glad to hear it’s sorted!