APP_URL suggestion

Testing v5.0.40-C33 and have a suggestion for APP_URL:

When running setup, if you don’t prefix APP_URL with “https://” or “http://” it will double up the base URL in link to client portal / PDF previews etc… and result in 404 errors.
-error checking this field during setup to require http:// or https://
-filling in http:// (OR https:// if HTTPS is checked) before APP_URL if user doesn’t enter it during setup.



Thanks for the suggestion!

@david and @ben thoughts?

Sure, I think we should check for this in the setup @ben

Related to this… @ben, can you please check we’re setting HTML5 input types where it makes sense, for example here we could use the ‘url’ type.


Hey @peterjm, thanks for awesome suggestion.

@david @hillel for me, input[type=url] seems more simple way. I’ll implement that if you’re okay with that?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean but as long we’re getting the HTML5 browser validation (when supported) it works for me.

I see this is working now. Reinstalled fresh v5.0.41-C35 on dev branch and it doesn’t let me enter an invalid URL. Nice work!

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This sounds similar to my problem. The App_URL is set with https://
The installation is in a subdomain. Version 5.3.9 C59
If I open the client list, choose a client and click on View Client Portal, I get a link like below and an Error404.

@david @ben any thoughts?

I updated to 5.3.10 and the link is now working.