APP_URL not taken over for donwloads

I wanted to change the APP_URL, as I am using now a dynamic dns.

This are my steps, what I did:

  1. Changed the APP_URL in ENV
  2. Forced a rebuild docker compose up -d --build --force-recreate
  3. Run: docker-compose execapp php artisan optimize

But still the old url is used for pdf download. I had already before the issue, but afters some recreation the new url was taken over.

How can I force, that the new app url is used for the pdf download?



@david can you please advise?

It would be great if someone knows a solution :slight_smile:


Try refreshing the app

Where I can see this screen?

Click the about button in the lower left corner of the Flutter app and then click health check.

Thanks, I found it but didn’t helped. I tried as well a force recreate
docker-compose up -d --force-recreate --no-deps --build