- Task Filtering Issue

Hi all! I have been using the Windows app and v5 for almost a year now. Today I discovered that there is, which appears to be the new React based web app. It looks amazing, and I am interested in switching to this front-end instead. Two questions:

  1. Is there not a section of the forum for this new React app yet? I only see legacy and v5 for both hosted and self-hosted.

  2. In the v5 version there was a great way I could use task filters to determine which of my tasks hadn’t been invoiced yet. I just choose every option besides “Invoiced”, or I could just choose “Logged” unless I cared about tasks with no work done on them yet, and generally get any tasks that haven’t been invoiced:


Unfortunately, on the new front-end, I cannot replicate this behavior. It seems to be that whether or not a task has been invoiced is a boolean state on top of the other states, so when you filter in this manner, explicitly de-selecting invoiced tasks, invoiced tasks still show up. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a workaround? Essentially all I need is a way to see all of my tasks that haven’t been invoiced, so that at any given time I know what needs to be invoiced (regardless of completion state: In progress, backlog, done or ready to do).

You can see that I haven’t selected “Invoiced” tasks, yet I am seeing them in the filtered list.


The v5 categories on the forum cover both the Flutter and React apps.

@david can you please advise on #2?


I’ll add a change in for this filter. It will mean that invoiced tasks will essentially only be displayed by themselves as we filter on a different property for the status.

Just finally checked back on this. It looks like now there is a new filter for “Uninvoiced” tasks. This is perfect! Thank you very much.