Api webhooks problems

I am looking to get “api webhooks” setup. the event i need is “create payment” the data/value i need is $client.name from the payment.

I have tried setting up the webhook, the settings seem pretty straight forward. target url is the the php file on the test server that is logging the posts. event type is create payment. rest method is POST. header keys and values enter in correctly with the exception of the period . in the variable name “$client.name” which when typed in the field shows up as $client>name.

I am not sure if you are supposed to use the same variables as the invoice design or not. maybe that is the problem.

i entered a in a payment that and i am not even seeing the invoice ninja server in the log files of the destination of the POST.

i have setup and tested a local test server (local to and on the same switch and subnet as the self hosted invoice ninja v5) to log to file all incoming http post requests, i have tested the php with a development rest client. all is well with receiving and logging all header keys and their respective values.

does this webhook fire on any kind of payment? or just ones created through the api?

is it possible there is a dependency that is missing?

where can i look at log files on invoice ninja to see what went wrong?



The payment data should be included in the post, I don’t think the app supports variables in the header values.

You may want to use a site like https://webhook.site to test it.

never could get the webhooks working, i ended up communicating directly with the database to get done what i needed.