API integromat - [404] Not Found

I can no longer connect Invoice Ninja that I host with integromat.
I have tried
…/ → [403] Invalid token
…/api/v1/ → [404] Not Found.
…/api/ → [404] Not Found.
…/api/v2/ → [404] Not Found.

Do you have a solution to my problem?

The message is invalid token, maybe try creating a new token in the app?

Thank you for your answer, but I have tried a dozen of them, but I always get the same message.

Are you using v4 or v5?

Thank you for your answer
V4 self host

Sorry, I don’t have an answer. I suggest asking Integromat for advice.

We found the problem, integromat proposes the V5 version, and if we use the V4, we have to add a module (button at the bottom of the page) and choose the inviceninja module in legacy.

Thanks for sharing the solution!