API for contacs

I am creating clients in InvoiceNinja via API already from another system. Now the customers can access the other system and update their contact and/or informations which I would have to feed that back into InvoiceNinja. Is there any plans to ammend the API to be able to create/update the client and contact data?

Technically it would not be that hard to mess directly with the database of InvoiceNinja, but I much rather like to have a proper, supported way to interface with InvoiceNinja.

Our API support updating clients, you need to set the public_id field.

It’s a bit confusing, in the future we’ll change it to ‘id’.

That worked, thank you.

Is there any way to delete a customer via API as well? From what I can see in the source HTTP DELETE requests are not handled and setting deleted_at/is_deleted seems to be simply ignored.

Our API doesn’t yet support deletion but it’s planned for a future release, I’d guess around 1 to 2 months.

Looking forward to it. Thank you for your support.