Anyone working with WePay on self hosted?

As the title says, is there anyone here who is running Invoice Ninja self hosted and has WePay as a processor working? I am working with Hillel and WePay API support but I feel there is just a missing step somewhere. I am looking to see if someone has a working setup that I can see how they set it up.

I just installed Invoice Ninja and trying to set up WePay. I previously used WePay with FreshBooks. When I log into WePay, it shows an “application” connected, FreshBooks with their logo. However when I attempt to create a WePay account via the Invoice Ninja:

Go to Settings -> Online Payments ->
1 - Select WePay page, “Click Here to create WePay Account
2 – Fill out my info, use
3 – Get error
I put screen shots here:

** Edit file ninja/.env - use the folder where you installed Invoice Ninja

WEPAY_ENVIRONMENT=production # production or stage
WEPAY_AUTO_UPDATE=true # Requires permission from WePay
WEPAY_THEME=’{“name”:“Invoice Ninja”,“primary_color”:“0b4d78”,“secondary_color”:“0b4d78”,“background_color”:“f8f8f8”,“button_color”:“33b753”}’ # See

Same error

I’ve also contacted Hillel and the support at WePay. They each say the other needs to resolve the issue. It’s been about 4 days dealing with this - still struggling. Unfortunately, I’m only getting “email” support from WePay and it’s always a different person.

I was never able to get it to work. I too got the fingers pointing at the other person issue. No one seems to know what to do. But yet it works on the hosted platform. I just like to keep all my customer data private so that’s why I chose self-hosted over regular hosted. So for now I’m stuck with no credit card processor. If you ever figure it out please update here.