Another V4.5.18 Upgrade Challenge

I have an older install that I am trying to upgrade.

It is running v4.5.18 with PHP 7.3.X and MySQL 5.5.

I am trying to upgrade to even just 4.5.25. Now there is a challenge in that artisan will not run on our server. In the past I have just put up a clean new directory containing a new set of files with the existing .env file.

However this time when I go to call the v4.5.25 page in the error log bootstrap/autoload on line 20 is not able to load Pear… Which it does just fine in .18…

Any suggestions? I really need to get this to a newer version of PHP so that I can get rid of 7.3.X…

Okay I was able to get it to update to V4.5.45…

It looks like I was forgetting to copy the vendor directory over as well…

So you need to copy .htaccess, .env, and /vendor as you upgrade.

However the move to 4.5.46 fails because of a laravel folder in the vendor directory.

Is there a way to get an updated version of the /vendor directory tree?


The latest version of v4 is v4.5.50.

If you download the release zip it includes the vendor folder.