Android app version 5 cannot change colour (color) theme only dark light work


Not sure if the android app support is covered in this forum but I will ask anyway.

I am using version 5 of the Android app and I am trying to change the colours (colors) from the settings and the device settings.

I can change from light to dark theme. That works.

I can change the colours from the load color theme section and those change.

If I try to select a preset colour theme it doesn’t change anything. That is the part I am trying to get to work.

Is there a trick to this?



You can change the app interface color by setting an accent color on Settings > User Details.

That just changes the accent colour.
How do the themes get set?
I cannot see how it works.


The color themes affect the status colors in the lists, ie. invoice paid or sent

I change the colour theme and then I go and look at my client list but nothing has changed.
I have switched between the list view which shows the columns etc and still nothing has changed.

I haven’t set up any invoices etc yet, so can’t test that list.

I would have assumed it would work like the dark and light settings as there is a dark and light theme in the list.