After update to 4.5.4 (and now 4.5.5) from 4.4.3, lang string problems

Hi, after a recent update, my invoice emails are not being sent fully in the proper language (French). Some of the strings (in the header, and the signature for example) are correct, but the main text of the email is in English instead of the localized French string found in my /resources/lang/fr/texts.php file. I am confused as to why SOME of the strings are correct (ie in French), but others are not. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hard to say… you may want to see if either resetting or changing the email templates in the app helps.

Thanks, I did have to reset the template, and then go into my texts.php files (again) and change my texts. I thought one of the recent updates said it would no longer overwrite texts.php customization? Or is there something special I need to do to keep my customized strings between versions? Thanks again.

Have you seen this info?

No I hadn’t thanks! Was this added recently or did I somehow just miss it previously?

This feature was added by a community member earlier in the year.

I’ve reviewed the code, it looks like it won’t be supported until the v4.6 release.

Good to know, thanks again for your help.