After migration to v5, activity log dates = migration date

After migration to v5 (self-hosted), all prior Recent Activity log dates are equal to the migration date, rather than the date of the activity. The transaction dates are all correct, it’s just the Recent Activity log dates that are wrong.

Is there a way to repair this? It’s not a critical problem, just a bit annoying.


@david can you please advise?

Another low priority post-migration issue: In the Payment Report, and in the Payment Transaction detail screen, the Payment Method (reports) / Payment Type (detail screen) is blank for payments that meet the following criteria: They were paid by clients through the portal, prior to the migration.

Payments coming in post-migration are properly reporting, and all payments entered manually by us, both pre- and post-migration are properly reporting the Payment Method/Payment Type.

Not a critical issue, just another FYI, but if there’s a way we can fix it, it would be nice to know.