After Buying White Label Licence, PDF Quotes Cause 500 Internal Error

After buying a White Label licence, old quote PDFs are generated fine with Invoice Ninja logo but new quotes cause a 500 internal server error.

Does your laravel.log file contain anything? It can be found in the storage/logs directory.
Also try this:
In your .env file change line 49 to: PDF_GENERATOR=hosted_ninja.
Hopefully that fixes the dreaded 500 error for you!

Thanks for the reply. I completely forgot abut the laravel.log file. Lots of FileNotFoundExceptions… I’ve changed PDF_GENERATOR to hosted_ninja and that sometimes works although I’m also getting more 500 server errors with chmod(): Operation not permitted in app/Jobs/Entity/CreateEntityPdf.php:235. Looks like I might have some fie permission errors going on…

@david do you have any suggestions?

This is a migration from a test server to a production server/domain. I must have borked some file permissions along the way. I’ve chowned back to www-data and everything seems to be running ok again.
Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: