Admin Emails have wrong button link

The administration emails notifying of a payment have a wrong link on the “View Payment” button. It still resolves to the /public/ link which throws a 404 not found error.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


The view payment button is only a generic link back to the main login of the project, so most likely your APP_URL has /public in it.

You are correct, though I have not changed those settings - they were set automatically during install.

So should the APP_URL and ASSETS_URL settings simply be the main url of the script now?

APP_URL is the base URL of the application, depending on your configuration and rewrite rules, you may not need /public

ASSETS_URL is specifically for livewire assets where the path must have /public in the url (again due to rewrite issues)

Just to make sure I understand and set these correctly:

  1. should APP_URL have a trailing slash on the base url?
  2. are you saying ASSETS_URL does require the /public in the url and I should leave that one alone?