Additional SMTP provider and credentials

Hello, thank You for great app.

My questions are second:

  • How I can add additional SMTP provider?
  • Can I add multiple SMTP credentials for specific SMTP provider?
  • How I can send emails from Google Workspace account?

App is super very good, but very strange that with these questions (in my opinion, “basic settings”) I’ve come to this forum.


Thank You for provided documentation link

Am I correctly understanding:

  • that I can currently add multiple SMTP providers: only one for each company?
  • in each company, users can write their own email config: “From name” and “Reply-to Email”?
    • in many cases: will be all okay with email deliverability? When for specific company default SMTP provider will be set several users emails?

Then one more question left: about google workspace, how I can connect it?

That’s correct, I don’t think changing the from name/reply email should affect email deliverability.

I believe you can use Google’s SMTP credentials.

Very interesting, can you give example of env file config for company number 3 (with google’s SMTP credentials), to send emails from my “custom domain” (like (not standart email)? Is this possible?

Maybe this will help:

A little bit there confusing for me…
If you know/have solution (to send from custom domain over google’s SMTP) for this, can you give simple example for env file? Must I there use some GMAIL API (from google console) credentials or not, etc


Sorry, I don’t have an example .env file to share.

@david do you have any additional info to provide?

I have google workspace account (one user, several email domain aliases for it), I can configure some credentials from GMAIL API in google cloud console, etc.

I’ve configured self-hosted invoice ninja solution via docker. What more additional info I must provide?

You can configure a single SMTP server per company using the example .env here:

@david Thank You David, maybe you know how exactly to configure emails to send from custom domain via google’s SMTP (when google workspace is setuped (one user, several email domain aliases))? What approximate example of config then is required in env file. Do we need only type some simple SMTP config, or we need additionally do some setup / config in google cloud console with GMAIL API.


If you setup less secure apps in google, you can use the same email/password combination that you would use to log into your gmail web account.

Okay, thanks. I will try this later and come back after time (about month).