Adding users manually using phpmyadmin

I have a selfhosted server which seems to be working great but for the life of me i can’t add another user. The logs show:

production.ERROR: Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.

there is another post with this error but hasn’t solved my issue. I’ve been using sendgrid to send emails no problem. I changed to outlook365 smtp which also sends find but same error.

i’ve also added ALLOW_NEW_ACCOUNTS=true

There’s a few posts which suggests just adding the user manually but i can’t find where using phpMyAdmin. Under accounts it seems to just list the companies.

Thanks for any advice.


I suggest checking your email credentials are correct in the .env file.

The users are stored in the ‘users’ table in the database.

Hi hillel

thanks for the reply.

the credentials are good because the test emails always work. i’ll try the manual entry method.

ok doing the changes manually worked.