Adding text fields to invoice

I’ve just set up a new account for someone to try out We can create an invoice, but can’t add any payment details (e.g. bank account details) to the body of the invoice. Is there a way to do this please?

At the moment, the invoice is created and then downloaded and sent to the customer via email. But… no payment details in the invoice, so it’s useless.

Help please!


You can add the info in the invoice terms or footer.

I’ve done that but it doesn’t show up?

@david do you have any ideas?


Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing so we can try and recreate this please.

Here is the screenshot. The bank details should appear where the Invoice Ninja logo is. I’ve put them in here:

Settings > Invoice Design > Set Default Design > Defaults > Invoice Terms

If you added the terms after the invoice was saved, then the default terms won’t be injected in.

the default terms will only be injected in new invoices.

you can update the terms on the invoice itself.

Thank you, I can see that is the case.

I wouldn’t know how you can update the terms on the invoice itself though?

On the edit invoice screen there are fields to set the terms/footer beneath the line items.

Thanks, found it now.