Adding Tasks to existing Invoice?

Does anyone know how to add a task that you’ve worked on and recorded hours to an existing Invoice? I’m on the Task list screen and the status is “Logged”, which I can’t change if I wanted to. When I click the “Select” drop down on the far right, the only options I have are “Edit Task”, “Resume Task” and “Invoice Task”. When I click the Invoice Task it creates a new invoice. But I already have an existing one I want to use, I don’t want to create an Invoice for each Task.

I went into the existing draft Invoice and I can’t find a way to add tasks in the invoice.

When I click into the task itself, under the “More Actions” I can add it to a previous Invoice that I already sent to the customer or create a new Invoice. Neither of which is what needs to be done.

Can someone unravel this mystery? I can’t invoice the customer with all the work I’ve done. The Tasks feature is a mess.

I just found out the answer to this myself the other day, thanks to Hillel. You need to go into the detail of the individual task (not stay on the list of all tasks) and there you will find a menu that will allow you to add the task to an invoice for that client.

Thanks. Tried that. I can either add the task to an Invoice I’ve already sent to the client or create a new Invoice. I can’t attach it to an in-progress invoice. I’ve created a few invoices and marked them as sent. The system only see’s the 1 invoice I have, it won’t register that I have several invoices either in draft or sent status. I’ve tried lots of different methods attempting to get the tasks to an invoice. Nothing works. It’s very buggy. I think the tasks need to be abandoned. Maybe just use a spreadsheet to track my tasks/hours and then enter them into the Invoice. Shame they can’t get this working. I’ve already notified them of problems with tasks, but it’s evidently not on their list of priorities.

That is odd, because in my system I am able to add it to a draft invoice for the same client. I can do this for either expenses or tasks from their respective detail pages. Did you save your “in progress” invoice as a draft?

You’re welcome to use as much or as little of the app as you’d like, you can disable the tasks feature on /settings/account_management

In all seriousness, I realize we’re on the internet and feelings don’t matter but it’s hard not be offended when someone calls an app I’ve spent the past five years working on ‘buggy’. I’m happy to try to help you but I’d appreciate it if you could try to be nice.

The tasks feature is incredibly important to us, we’re an extremely small development team and are simply limited by the number of hours hours in a day.

I completely understand your situation. Perhaps you can hear my underlying frustration in trying to get this to work? I have 3 logins to the various Invoice Ninja app and support sites. I got a hint on a solution from my GitHub post. I’ve been struggling with the tasks for over a week with little options for support other than postings on the forums in between various meetings and deliverables. And to your point, there are a limited number of hours in the day and I lose money for every hour I don’t spend on client billables. So while I appreciate you’re offended with my aggressive methods to garner attention to my frustration, these issues are impacting my financials.

However, I found the workaround with the issue in adding tasks to an invoice. Based on your question “Does the invoice you’re trying to add it to have a balance?”, I added a temporary line item with a $ value to the invoice and saved it. I was then able to see the invoice when editing the task. After I added a task to the invoice, I deleted the temporary line item.

Thank you for the tip on the workaround.

Totally understood, we all have a lot to get done.

Glad to hear it’s working! We currently only show invoices with a balance, we’ll look into changing it to show all open invoices.