Adding Product Fees

I have products which occasionally require additional charges based on options a product may take.

For instance - I have fees that apply to different options for many products.

In my business, we offer custom t-shirts. A single side print is our base price. A front & back print incurs a $2 fee on top of the base price. Sleeve prints incur a $3 fee on top of the base price.

My goal would be to select the applicable fees when filling out my invoice. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hi there, how funny as I was in the middle of writing my feature request, in doing my do-diligence before posting I found your post - Sounds like what you also need is variants on products. I don’t believe that is a feature that are present at the moment, and I didn’t see any feature request on it, so I have submitted one here: Product variants · Issue #9414 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub. So hopefully this is something that could be in the future of InvoiceNinja.

But I believe that the only way to achieve this will be by:

  1. added another line below with the fee
  2. make separate products
    • “t-shirt” with price x
    • “t-shirt with 1 side print” with price y
    • “t-shirt with 2 side print” z

This is how I my self have solved it at this time without variants.

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Yep. That’s exactly what I’m looking for and I’m bummed it isn’t available yet I’ll keep an eye on the new features moving forward. Appreciate your help!