Adding payment QR Code or Payment Mobile number

Hi…I would like to include Payment QR code and mobile number in the invoice pdf …Is there any option to do that?


Yes, I believe it’s supported.

@david, @ben are there any docs for this?

no docs, but essentially you can embed any html/js into the invoice design to make this work.

I saw that there’s $spc_qr_code (SPC formatted QR code) in the documentation. I guess that’s the Swiss Payments Code QR format, but it doesn’t print the QR code, just the values.
Is there an easy way to create a QR Code?
thanks a lot!

Hi…I found the work around… create .jpg QR code file using external QR code generator then add that image as a footer to custom invoice using image src html div.

Thanks @rragesh007, I’m doing the same now.

Any idea where to set the bank account (IBAN) that’s used in $spc_qr_code (SPC formatted QR code)?

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I was at the same point and started digging in the source code. Here’s what you have to do:

  • In settings, under custom fields → company, name the first field IBAN or any other name. But it’s important that it is the first field.
  • Then in settings → company details → details, the newly created field IBAN should appear. Put your IBAN here and save.

I hope you can get it to work with this information. Of course, some more documentation on that would have been helpful.

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I want to do the same but I don’t have any knowledge in programming is there any change to explain this step by step? Thanks!

Hey @Importjuan
See this thread here: QR code to scan and pay
Maybe that helps.

It sounds like you want to add a payment QR code and mobile number to your invoice PDF. One option would be to use a third-party service that generates payment QR codes and integrates them with your invoicing system. Some popular options are Square, PayPal, and Stripe. As for adding a mobile number, you could simply include it in the invoice text or as a footer. Alternatively, you could look into using a QR code generator that can encode both payment and contact information. Smart Engines is one such service, but there are many others out there. Hope that helps!