Adding notes to Reccuring invoice and affects on Auto Billing.

Hi all,

Does adding notes (Public or Private) to a Recurring Invoice cancel Srtipe CC Autobilling (i,e, the stored credit card token and automated billing on due date), as we are trying to add notes to a few of the recurring invoices and are getting a warning saying. “Are you sure? Due to NACHA rules, changes to this invoice may prevent ACH auto bill.”

What confuses me is the “may prevent auto bill” but does not state in which exact cases, i.e. if the total changes? if due date changes? Does this affect Credit Cards? etc…

Has anyone else come across it? Can the devs help, or is this a question for OmniPay.

An ACH recurring invoice can not be changed within 10 days of being charged.

This affects ACH auto-billing, it doesn’t affect credit card auto-billing.

Hello Hillel,

Thanks for the response.

Does this only apply to ACH? So Credit Card tokenised billing with Stripe should not be affected?

Yes, that is correct