Adding image of the stamp or signature to invoice?

Can I add a image of my company stamp or my signature on the invoice or quote?

Thank you


You can do this by base64 encoding the image and then adding it in a custom invoice design.

Check the images page here for an example:

Done. Works great!

Thank you


Great to hear!

Hello Hillel,
sorry but do I really have to paste this long text? I did but now I only see the text but no image.
I used (the image encoder).
Thx and BR

Yes, to embed an image you need to paste the very long base64 string.

I’m not sure why it isn’t working.

Do I have to paste it directly into the E-Mail Templates?

This thread is referring to adding images to the invoice PDF.

I don’t think we support adding custom images to the email templates. You could try adding an img tag, otherwise you’d need to modify the code.

How can I modify the code?

You’d need to self host the app.

Here’s the file for the email design:

OK, Thx - but how/where do I get into the code mode in the app?

In the app you can click the ‘Raw’ button in the lower right corner

You mean in the templates & reminders tab? I only see HTML code when I click “raw”…but on git hub this is PHP…
Sorry but I am a bit confused.
Thx for your help!

You have two options:

  • You may be able to click ‘Raw’ and add an img tag with the src set to a web accessible image.

  • If that doesn’t work you’d need to self host the app (if you aren’t already) and modify the PHP code to make it work.

OK, now I think I understand. Thank you very much!

Hi @hillel , I’m a newbie and trying to figure out how to add a signature to my invoice PDF.

I understood I have to convert the image into base64 and paste into custom fields - I’ve added two custom fields at Invoice Design → Invoice Details, but I can’t find where I can fill in those fields?
Sub-question here: can I regulate where the fields will be located at the invoice?

And is there any requirements to the image format? Like PNG, JPG, etc?

Thanks in advance!

Which version of the app are you using? With v5 you can use a HTML img tag.

Please create a new post and I’ll try to help.