Adding GST column

I’m just getting started with invoice ninja and don’t really understand how to customise invoices. I live in Australia so want to have a GST column on each product line and then a subtotal for the GST in the totals. How can i arrange this? I tried adding a custom product field and it creates the column but i’m not sure how to tally it in the totals. Thanks


If you enable invoice item taxes on Settings > Tax Settings you’ll be able to select a line item tax.

Thanks this helps. However I can’t make the column show up on my preview despite the column now being there on the invoice screen. Any idea how to make it show up on the preview?

Please check it’s included on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Columns.

Worked perfectly. Last question, when I try and download or print pdfs it either gives an XML error or just hangs. I’m running invoice ninja as a docker container on unraid. Is this also a known problem?

Actually, all good. It’s sorted out, it’s because I didn’t have the app url setup externally through reverse proxy

Im having a similar problem.

I need my line to read for example:
Product - Price (Excl GST) - GST (in Australia 10% of the price) - Total
ie: Product - $100 - $10 - $110

Please advise how I can display this??
Thank you.

You can actually make all invoices either include or exclude GST and the GST can be included as an invoice total or as a line item …

You just can’t display 0% GST which I have to do for some of my services!