Adding expenses found late

I’m currently adding expenses from the beginning of the year to date. During this process I found an additional expense receipt which I want to add from an earlier date back in April after the fact. The emphasis on numerical order instead of date order.
So at present, I have expenses listed from April to July in date order with an entry showing from April after the last July entry. Is there a way to change it to show in date order? so the latest entry mentioned is in the same area as previously entered April entries.


Maybe you can change the sorting from number to date?

Is that in settings?
I can do that in expenses view but it does not retain.

Which app are you using, web or desktop?

I am using web browser.

I believe the desktop app will retain the sort settings.

@david can you please advise on the React app?

downloaded - I can get use to that

would it be possible to export the expenses to csv and then import them after edit?

Yes, I believe that should work

Should I delete all entries before reimporting it?

Sorry, I didn’t realize you meant to try to solve the number/date issue. If you delete them I believe when reimporting it will fails since the numbers are already taken. To make this work you also need to change the numbers before deleting.

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@Alexcal You should be able to click on the date header to sort on the column

Yes it works in the app, but then the numbers are not sequential.


Understood, as Hillel mentions, there will be issues if you attempt to “delete” and then reimport due to the numbers already existing (even as deleted recorded). If you do not have a lot of data in the system, you could purge your data and then reimport, this would be the cleanest way.

Alternatively, you could create a new number pattern for your expenses - say {$year}-{$counter} and then reimport, this will give you the incremental counter with a yearly prefix, this will work around the existing expense numbering issue…

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Thanks David,

Would I have to purge the whole system or can I just select the expenses?

If so, how can I purge the existing expenses?

You would need to purge everything. We don’t have selective purge (yet)

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Can you help me with instructions of how to go about this?

Don’t worry, I’ve found it. Thanks.

I suggest you try using year date day to put the expenses in sequence; for example April 23, 2023 would be 20230423. That should allow you to sort in sequencial order as well as see the actual date. I beleive this method will work, although I use it only for invoice number prefixes.

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