Adding custom field


I would like to add a custom field named “period” which would be the billing period. Example: May 15th to June 14th.

Is it possible ?

One option would be to add a custom invoice field on Settings > Invoice Settings


I have created 2 custom fields for the priod, but is it possible to have a field type “calendar” same as the field “Date” ?custom field

is it possible to align the two boxes one below the other, as the image ?

Sorry, it isn’t supported


What is not suppoprted ? Align the two boxes one below the other or field calendar.

Neither changes are supported

Can you please share how you created these custom fields? The manual is unclear to me :-/
I would really appreciate it if you had a link to where this process is described in detail or a screen shot for me.

You can add custom fields on Settings > Invoice Details

Yes, I saw that and I read the manual and still, none of that helped me understand so I guess I’ll have to ask all the questions here one by one:

  • Custom Field: Company - I created one and the description says: Add a label and value to the company details section of the PDF. It is unclear how to get this to appear, what "code" do I need to insert into the invoice to get the custom field to appear?
  • Custom Field: Invoices - Add a field when creating an invoice and optionally display the label and value on the PDF. Use Label|Option1,Option2 to show a select box. - I now know how to create a drop-down, what other options are there? If I only type in a label, will it be a text field?
  • Where would I define the translations for these custom fields? i.e. I create a custom client field called "company registration #" but I do invoice clients in different languages, where do I provide the translation and how do I get this field to show up in invoices? It appears to show up automatically when creating/editing clients
  • You can select which fields appear on the PDF on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Fields

  • The only options are text or a drop down

  • We don’t support translating custom fields


  1. is clear, figured it out, thanks.
  2. cool, thanks for clarifying. This info would be nice to have as a tool tip on that page.
  3. a pity but since I only invoice in 2 different languages and only need 1 custom field I guess I’ll create custom field a) in English and the 2nd custom field in German. Not sure though how to chose which design gets used for which client, any tips for me? maybe create 2 invoice designs one for each language I need?

Where does this field get its info from??? See screenshot using the bold template.
The code says: text: $yourInvoiceLabelUC

I think you can use one design and just set one custom field at a time.

$yourInvoiceLabel is a translated label available to all designs and 'UC" makes it uppercase.


Regarding $yourInvoiceLabel:
I get that but where is the value pulled from?
I mean I can see that were I insert this label a value will be displayed but where does the value for this label come from?

Sorry for these newb questions but in the invoice design editor, this variable leads to “Your Invoice” when using the tempalte BOLD and “Invoice” when using the template called clean. Shouldn’t the same label pull the same data regardless of template?

No worries, I’m happy to help!

The text files are in resources/lang/

Note: they’re auto-updated from this project.

Thanks a lot for the valuable help.