Adding bank accounts

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I can’t seem to find (it might not be possible) a way to add bank account information which we would then be able to use on our invoices. Example: we have 3 different bank accounts which we use for different partners - when we create an invoice we need to include the proper bank account information for that partner.

We are not looking for actual payment gateways but rather just to simply input 3 different account information (IBAN etc.) which we can then select when creating a new invoice.

Does anyone know if this is possible and if so - where? :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could add it to the client’s default public notes?

Hmm that would be one solution yes, thank you. I’d still be more happy with a more elegant solution though (currently we have over 3000 partners).

Another option may be to add a custom invoice field dropdown on Settings > Invoice Settings.

Perfect! Thank you for the fast response and solution :slight_smile:

Br, Žan

There are other reasons why one might need to add a bank that’s not in the list.
I need it in order to be able to select into which account each incoming payment or expense goes.
Is there anyway to do it?

FYI… we plan to support this with v2 of the app.

You’ll be able to create a group with custom settings and then optionally select which group a client belongs to.

That’s great news, any ETA for V2? and will the current install be upgrade-able or will it need to be a new install?

Will that only apply to clients? I need the ability to select the account (bank or any other custom type of account) for each expense while I enter the payment

Sorry, no ETA on v2. Some time on 2019…

Not sure I understand what you mean by “for each expense while I enter the payment”, do you mean invoice?

And yes, we’re planning to create a migration tool to automate upgrading from v1 to v2.

No, I am referring to Expenses (Mark Paid > Payment Type > I want to specify which account it was paid from such as regular, loan/overdraft account etc.)
Also in receiving payments, would be good if I can specify which bank account the payment was paid into.

I see, along the lines of a ledger?

Not really a ledger in that complexity, although I do require part of what’s mentioned there I partially get around it but putting a specific category (such as ‘asset’ or ‘loan’) in the expense which I can filter in the reports.

What I am referring to is the ability to find all monies, in or out, to/from which (bank) account so when tracing a payment or making my accounts I can easily match it up to my (bank) account balance.

It’s a simple case of adding a bank account as a static record (name being the most important and the only required field) and in expenses and payments(invoices) under “Payment Type” just adding a drop-down to select “Account-Name”.

Much more can be achieved if it’s made dynamic and shows the current balance in each (bank) account based on the expenses/payments from each account, but this is obviously more complex and can otherwise easily be achieved by filtering the exported CSV.

You may be able to achieve some of this with custom fields, we support adding drop downs.

We hope to support bank/payment reconciliation in the future.

Just tried that, it does the job although a different and easier approach might be to allow to add items to the drop-down list “Payment Type” (/expenses/#/edit > Mark as paid > Payment Type) such as BusineesAcc1045, BusinessAcc5498, VISA-8521, etc.

Adding items to that drop-down would also allow to specify the type/account in receiving payments (/payments/#/edit > Payment Type)

The best way how to archieve this seems to be the Invoice Field under Advanced Settings.

The sub-problem I face now is that I can not link the QR code to such bank account. I have two bank accounts with 2 different currencies. I can not generate the same QR code for both.

Is there any way how to archieve such functionality, please?

Maybe you could use a custom dropdown invoice field to select between the banks?

Thanks for the answer.

I am currently using the custom dropdown invoice field to select between banks.

The problem I face now is that I need to insert the QR code so that anyone can pay using their phone. Such QR code is hard coded and I have 2 bank accounts = I therefore need to have 2 different QR codes depending on the selected bank account (the dropdown mentioned above).

You can add QR codes using a custom PDF design.

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