Adding an over payment amount to Client as a credit

I have just recently moved to v5 , I have had a client pay extra on an invoice and then advised me to add the extra amount to their account for the next invoice. in v4 i could just add the amount in clients credit section. How can I add the amount to the clients account without sending a credit note etc. Thanks for any help provided


You can enable the “apply payments later” option on Settings > Account Management. This will add a separate amount field when creating a payment.

Thanks hillel I found the setting in Settings/payment settings and I have enabled it, so how can I add the amount to the client once enabled?

When creating a new payment you should now see a new ‘Amount’ field where you can specify the payment amount.

I have applied the over payment amount as a payment but i cant see it listed as a credit on the the clients account just as an unapplied amount. im sure I will get use to V5.
I appreciate your help hillel thanks again

In the latest version of the app you can add ‘payment balance’ and ‘credit balance’ as optional columns in the client data table. You should also see the amounts in the top left corner under ‘Details’ when viewing a client.

ok im running 5.5.89 , ill update to the latest. thanks