Adding a custom field: "Payment Received on Date"

How do I add a custom field that shows when I received a payment? I already have a date for invoice sent, invoice due, i want a field that shows “payment received on XX/XX/XXXX date”


You can use the $payments variable to show the payment details on the invoice PDF

Hi hillel,

Thank you - I’m embarassed to say I still don’t know how to customize invoices - I find the support documentation for invoiceninja confusing - could you send me a nudge in the right direction via a link or something so I can figure out how please?

The simplest option would be to include the $payments variable in the default terms on Settings > Company Details > Defaults

That option isn’t available to me in v5, however it is in the custom field section following this tutorial but I encounter this without being able to save even though I am already in the Pro Plan

I also tried to put this custom field in the Invoices tab but it won’t let me save

Custom fields requires a pro plan but updating the default terms doesn’t

thanks for replying, two things:

  1. the option you suggested to me in your first comment isn’t available to me in v5

  2. i am also already on a pro plan but this red/orange notification still keeps showing up telling me to upgrade

still haven’t figured out how to do this unfortunately

  1. Have you tried adding the $payments variable to the invoice terms

  2. Please send an email to and we’ll correct it

  1. how do I add that? For now I added a custom field and date option, but it means I manually have to enter and edit each invoice after I’ve sent it. Not really sure where to type in “$payments” in the menu

  2. that was sorted quickly, thanks!

  1. On the edit invoice screen in the terms field add $payments, if the invoice is paid the payment details will be shown on the PDF

Here? image clicking this screen brings me to the next comment

here. and when i click $payments it shows me t copies to clipboard then i dont know where to paste it

You could use the variable in a custom design but I’m suggesting simply adding it in the invoice terms.

i wish i knew how to do that because I can’t find it - that;s my main problem i dont know where to type that in in V5

The default value can be set on Settings > Company Details > Defaults

clicking this brings me to a drop down with Net 0, Net 30, Net 60, etc. and when I click Configure Payment Terms and the + sign to add $payments as a variable it just shows up as Net 0

You need to scroll down a bit, those are the payment terms

okay!!! thank you! that solves it! :sweat_smile: