Add time in format 0.25 or 00:30 (Self Hosted - v4.3.1)


I am a white labelled self-hosted user. I am a freelancer with a few clients but LOTS of work throughout the day - I have a big desk scratchpad on which I brainstorm and record tasks and times. I have being doing it for many years so I am used to it. I then log my tasks and times to my PC at the end of each day. I then generate a monthly report which I send to my clients.

Is there a way for me to log time in the format 0.25 or 00:30, as opposed to entering a whole from date/time field and a whole to date/time field?


If you set the start date/time you can enter .25 as the duration to determine the end date/time.

From your description it sounds like you could use a timesheet interface which isn’t supported.

Okay, thanks. This does make it better. Out of curiosity, is it a planned feature?

One last question, I am also trying to export all times for a single project, rather than grouping it by all projects. Is this possible? In other words, the resulting csv will contain all times for a single project.

I think there related issues on GitHub I’d suggest upvoting.

We don’t support filtering the export.

Thanks, I think I found the issue and have upvoted it:

Great, thanks for the feedback!